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UPRIGHT: Inspiration, new opportunities, growth, potential

REVERSED: An emerging idea, lack of direction, distractions, delays

As an Ace, this Wands card brings you pure potential – this time in the spiritual, energetic realm. Ideas are flowing to you, motivating and inspiring you to pursue a new path. You are open to receiving new opportunities that align with your Higher Self. A whole world of possibility is available to you.

The Ace of Wands encourages you to follow your heart and live your passion. If you feel a strong pull towards a new project or path, but are questioning whether it will work, then this card gives you a gentle nudge to pursue your passion. You can always start out small, treating the project or idea as an experiment or trial. Then, if it feels good, keep doing it; and if it doesn’t, make adjustments and try again. Let your energy, dedication and motivation be your guides.

If you have been looking for a sign about whether this is the right project, then the Ace of Wands is a clear YES! The sprouting wand and the fertile landscape in the background are all positive indications that this idea has the potential to turn into something fulfilling and energising. Use your creative energy and passion to take the first steps. Even if you prefer to plan out everything before you begin down a particular path, the Ace of Wands wants you to listen to your instincts and follow your gut. If it seems like a good idea, it probably is. So, start with a few fundamentals to get things rolling, and then continue to grow and develop your ideas through more complex activities later on. The important thing is that you act now rather than spending more time planning or researching.

Keep in mind, however, that the Aces represent potential but not guaranteed results. The Ace of Wands (or any Ace) is a seed that has yet to grow into something more substantial or sustainable. The opportunity on offer shows great promise, but it will be up to you to maximize it for the long term. See this card as the spark needed to fuel a massive fire, but remember that the flash itself is not enough to keep the flames burning.

The Ace of Wands may appear when you have an opportunity to grow on a personal or spiritual level. You may be interested in taking a class or investing in a course so you can follow your creative spirit. For example, you might enroll in a photography class, a Tarot course, or a self-improvement program. Trust that this experience will open you up to even more possibilities.


The Ace of Wands reversed suggests that you can sense an idea emerging from within but are uncertain what form it will take or how you will manifest it in the world. You may have energy and passion in spades, but you do not yet have a clear outlet to express them. You may be waiting for something else to happen before you pursue this idea. Or, you may prefer to keep your idea private until your confidence kicks in. All of these wonderful ideas are bubbling up, but now you must find a way to harness this creative energy to set you up in the long term.

The reversed Ace of Wands can suggest that you are finding it difficult to define your purpose in life and what you want to create. This lack of direction may sap your energy levels and leave you unmotivated and uninspired. As a result, you are often asking yourself if this is what you want in life and whether there might be something better elsewhere. However, when you think about what other opportunities might appeal, you struggle to know what you want. To remedy this stagnation, you need first to focus on where your true passions lie; there is no point in working towards a goal if it does not motivate you. So, take time to contemplate what it is you aspire to and what you wish to achieve out of this situation.

The reversed Ace of Wands may be a sign that frustrating delays are impeding the progress of your projects and ideas. You are likely to feel very impatient, especially if you are action-oriented and have only just started to gain momentum in your activities. The key message here is: ‘Not now, but maybe later.’ Timing is essential for success, so be patient and wait for the best opportunity to move ahead.