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UPRIGHT: Financial loss, poverty, lack mindset, isolation, worry.

REVERSED: Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty.

The Five of Pentacles is a card of financial loss and poverty. You have hit hard times, especially when it comes to your work, career, finances, and material possessions. You may have recently lost your job, your home, or your financial security. You no longer feel safe because it has all been stripped away from you in one blow. Your ego may also be bruised, especially since success often correlates to financial wealth; losing either can be a humbling blow to your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. The upside is that this is a Minor Arcana card with temporary effects (rather than a Major Arcana card which has a longer-term impact). This, too, shall pass.

In this time of need, the Five of Pentacles indicates that you feel isolated and alone. Just like the two people in the card, you feel as if you have been left in the cold. You may wonder, “Why is no-one coming to help me!?” It may appear as if no one cares anymore. However, since the windows in the church are lit up, help is nearby; but you are too focused on your problems to notice. You may be waiting for someone to come and help you when really, you need to be proactive and ask for help. You need to swallow your pride or let go of your fear of rejection and reach out. People are here to support you. Find them and let them know you need them.

At times, the Five of Pentacles highlights a ‘lack mindset’. You are sabotaging your ability to create abundance because you only focus on what you lack. All you can see is what is going wrong. To shift this energy, look for evidence of what you do have, even if it’s very small or seemingly insignificant, and express your gratitude for those blessings in your life. Over time, the positive aspects will continue to grow and soon, ‘lack’ and ‘not having’ will be a thing of the past.

Similarly, the Five of Pentacles suggests that you fear you don’t have ‘enough’ or you may lose something important to you – even if it hasn’t happened yet or is unlikely. For example, you may live in fear that you will lose your job and will be left in the streets with no home and no support. If you stay focused on all the negative things that might happen, then be careful, because your manifesting powers may start to create the outcomes that you don’t want. Instead, redirect your attention to what you have now and what you want in the future, so your manifesting powers get used for good.


e, even in the company of many people. On deeper reflection, you may come to realise that you have placed too much emphasis on your material wealth and have neglected your spiritual well-being.

It may worry you that you don’t have ‘enough’, especially when it comes to money and material possessions, and that you are not worthy because you are not wealthy. Perhaps you feel that you do not deserve expensive, luxury items, or that you cannot afford the things you truly want. You may worry that if you spend your money now, you won’t have enough for later. Or perhaps you’re spending your money on trivial things, leaving little left over for what you truly want. Either way, this negative cycle will only lead you to feel even more spiritually unfulfilled and ‘empty’. How might you break out of it?

If you find your fixation on material things is causing harm to your spirit and your mindset, then it’s time to stop. Even if you have just a few cents to your name, you may still have a loving family or a beating heart. Yes, things may suck right now, but if you hear this poverty mindset coming through in your thoughts, pause for a moment and ask yourself whether “I can’t afford it” is the truth or a limiting belief. Trust that the Universe is here to support you financially, especially when you are following your calling and your soul purpose. When you truly value something, you’ll make it happen.