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Past Incarnations of Kitty

We are the higher self of the one known to this instrument as [Kitty] who was incarnated into this third density planet of your current time space in 1973. 

We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. 

Before we start to address your query, we would like to warn you to only accept those insights that resonate with your heart and leave those behind that do not resonate. 

You may have heard that it requires lifetimes to achieve enlightenment and become connected with us. In times past, it often did. The denser energies of your physical plane, the level of consciousness of humanity and the small number of spiritual teachers made enlightenment available to only a few people with years of special training. 

It took much discipline and self-awareness to break through the dense earth energies, for only a few people had opened the way. 

Today, the waves of light that are moving through your universe and the high levels of consciousness that many people are reaching is opening a larger channel to the higher realms and creating opportunities for many thousands to reach enlightenment in this lifetime. 

You are always growing, exploring, learning and discovering new aspects of yourself. Growing, reaching new levels of understanding, self-awareness and aliveness is one of the main goals of all life. 

Growth never ends; for even when you reach higher levels, there are still further levels to go. without growth there is [no] connection of life force energy. With growth you feel vibrant, alive, healthy and joyful. 

This instrument seeks to find out the previous incarnations of the one known as [Kitty] 

To fully address your query, firstly this entity called [Kitty] during its first density lifecycle originated from the One Infinite Creator on the Pleiadians Star System 12 million years ago. 

The sole name of this entity is closer to “Know it are” in your language terms. 

This entity spent a large portion of its first density lifetime in the form of fire. During this lifetime, it learned the lessons, primarily, that of Beingness, and learned what it felt like to just be. 

After it had sufficiently spent its time on this level, this entity then started to evolve and reach the second density consciousness. Where it learned the lessons of that of experience similar to your trees in your planets. 

After the mid second density, this entity evolved into the later second density that resembled the animals similar to that of so-called cats on your planets. However, this occurred on the same star system that it had originated in. 

This entity, then, after a period of 25,000 years and many incarnations on the level of later second density, entered into the third density consciousness equivalent to your time space. It then started to experience reality of that of this (3rd) density also. 

After approximately 2 incarnations in the third density on the same star system (Pleadian). 

This soul, having reached the required density level of third density, was then transferred to Earth’s humanity complex in order to access the window of soul graduation that is opening to directly ascend into the 4th density consciousness. 

This entity had two lifetimes on Earth in the form of physical vehicles of human mind, body and spirit complex.  

In the first lifetime on Earth, this entity was born as “Jack Joy Bearer” born on the 1st of November 1801. 

And died on the 16th of July 1894, whose main purpose in this incarnation was to learn the lessons of balancing and interaction with other entities. 

In this lifetime, this entity spent its life as a so-called farmer in that time-space and spend most of its time farming and interacting with other second-density entities at that time-space period. (Note: 2nd density entities consist of trees, plants and animals)  

This entity, however, due to negative influence, was not able to properly learn the lessons. This entity died in 1894 of a disease known as Lung failure to your kind. 

After that, this entity reincarnated as the one known as Mandy Cologne. Born on the 12th of June, 1901, and died on the 16th of July 1972. 

This lifetime was meant for this entity to learn the lessons of self-control. It was not able to completely learn these lessons of self-control in this lifetime. 

This entity, during this lifetime, worked as a so-called nurse and died of a disease known as blood failure. 

This entity, after crossing over, spent an extended amount of time in the astral plane in order to wait for the right time to reincarnate on the earth plane. 

After that this entity reincarnated into the current life of your time-space in 1973. The main purpose of this lifetime for this entity is to forgive others using its free will, and learn whether it wants to enter the positive or negative polarity into the higher density of consciousness. 

Remember, in forgiveness lies the greatest secret of life and ascension. 

This entity will be presented with several scenarios in which it will be given the opportunity to serve other-selves and itself. 

If it is successful in doing this, then it will be able to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness. 

We are always guiding it through this density of its experience. 

Therefore, go forth and rejoice in the power of the One Infinite Creator. Bye.