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Time to harvest Forsythia leaves!

Leaves Tincture for inflammation related diseases: Asthma, Arthritis, IBS, Cytokine Storms.
Tea from leaves alleviates a sore throat, diarrhea. Contains Rutin – this protects and prolongs the activity of Vitamin C.  

Contains High amounts of Oceanic Acid (similar to olive oil) which is good for the heart. Good for the heart muscle. Also a good Blood thinner. 

This anti-inflammatory action is present in NEW SPRING Leaves. harvest before June 15 at latest.

To make Tincture:

Use sharp scissors to cut leaves fresh off the the forsythia, straight into the jar. Fill to top with leaves. Then I use scissors to chop them a bit right in the jar. That makes them settle a bit, with room for more leaves. Add more, chop again. Repeat till jar is 3/4 full. Fill to top w vodka, set aside for 3 months. Store long term with leaves, 💚 strain a small amount at a time & transfer to a dropper bottle for use.  tinctures of 100% vodka, no sugar or water added, will last 2-10 years. 

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