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Hagalaz (Raining Hail)

Pronunciation – haw-gaw-lawz

Meanings – wrath of nature, destruction, elemental, Tower card energy

Interpretations – indicates energy and force of anarchy that cannot be controlled. This can be through sickness, natural disasters, or obstacles and complications with an intention. You cannot manipulate the situation to your desired outcome, and the universe may be trying to direct or push you to a different direction or path. Stay vigilant, open to new opportunities, and remove your emotions regarding the goal or intention. Exercise self-control and restraint but remain determined. Some things may need to fall apart for better things to come together—the more serious the destruction, the more meaningful your growth.

Change, freedom, invention and caution are attributes of this Rune. To pull it indicates the existence of an urgent need in your psyche to free itself from the confines of identification with material reality, and to experience the world of archetypal thinking. The Rune of elementary destruction and of things that are completely outside your control. Hagalaz is only upright, not vice versa, and yet it always works through the reverse. If you pull this rune, you can expect resolution, because it is the big ‘awakening. The more serious the damage is in your life, the more important and contemporary are the requirements for your further growth.

If reversed – no reversed meaning

Inscriptions – fast resolutions or triumph while maneuvering challenging circumstances