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Tiwaz (Warrior Energy)

Pronunciation– tee-wahz

Meanings – courage, tenacity, masculine energy, ethical responsibilities, victory

Interpretations – The shape of Tiwaz looks like a spear and represents a spiritual warrior. Tiwaz symbolizes the sacrifice of one’s advantages for the sake of another or a greater purpose for the whole. Tiwaz lets you know that you have the courage and strength to face this challenge, and you must move forward with honor and grace. You are being asked to delve into the very depths of your soul and to take action. Now is the time to remain firm and limit ego.

This is the rune of the spiritual warrior. His fight is always the limiting ego. His will is strengthened by the act, but the warrior outcome, and he always knows that he cannot do anything but hinder himself because the will of heaven will prevail – these are his marks. This rune also contains the energy of the distinction. Patience is the virtue of this rune. You are asked to look inwardly, to dive down to the foundation of your life. If you dedicate your question to a certain case, an idea, a certain way, the Warrior Rune recommends perseverance, even if sometimes endurance is required in the form of patience. What are your priorities? How do you use your energy? The Rune Teiwaz stands for courage and devotion.

If reversed – it can represent a lack of motivation or cowardice. It can also indicate that you’ve become overwhelmed by the barriers you’ve encountered. You also may be moving too quickly and obstinately listening to your ego.

Inscriptions – courage, righteousness, tenacity, bravery, and to help increase spiritual beliefs